Sorry. You must be a WGU student to access the Library.

If you are a student and you are having difficulty accessing the library, the problem could be:

1. You are using the Wal-Mart browser. The Wal-Mart browser is not compatible with the WGU Library because it does not allow the Library site to recognize that you are within the MyWGU Student Portal. If you have Wal-Mart Internet access, minimize the Wal-Mart browser and use Internet Explorer for the MyWGU Student Portal.

2. Or, you may need to configure your Norton Internet Security to allow the Library link to recognize that you are accessing it via the MyWGU Student Portal. The instructions below explain how to do so:

  • Open the Norton Internet Security control panel. (It can be accessed either by right-clicking on the NIS icon in the system tray and clicking "Norton Internet Security," or by double-clicking the Norton Internet Security icon on your computer's desktop.)
  • Click on "Privacy Control," then click "Configure."
  • In "Advanced" or "Web Content," add to the list of sites, and then set all options for to "Permit."
  • Click "OK" and close the NIS control panel
If that doesn't resolve the issue, then make sure you have some other firewall protection turned on (the Windows Firewall that is installed with Service Pack 2 for Windows XP is recommended) and turn off the Norton Personal Firewall via the NIS control panel.