We recommend that you complete the following steps on your computer to optimize it for the MyWGU Portal:

1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools, then click Internet Options. Click the Settings button, then select Every visit to the page, then change the 'Amount of disk space to use' to any number smaller than it currently is, then click OK. Click on the Security tab, and make sure the security level for the Internet zone is set to the Default level (Medium). Click on the Privacy tab and make sure the level is set to the Default (Medium). Then click OK.

2. Click here to go to the Spybot mirrors page to download, install, and run Spybot Search & Destroy. That will allow you to check for and fix problems of spyware/adware/malware that may be running in the background on your computer.

3. Click here to go to Microsoft Update to do a custom installation all of the available Microsoft Updates.

4. Click here to go to Java.com and click on "Download Now" to download and install the latest version of Java Software.

5. If you have the Yahoo! pop-up blocker (on your Internet Explorer), you will need to disable it, since it is not compatible with the MyWGU Portal.

Performing the above steps on your computer should resolve and prevent the majority of possible technical difficulties with the MyWGU Portal.

If you are still having difficulties after performing the above steps, you may contact the WGU IT Service Desk via telephone at 1-877-HELP-WGU, option 2, or via e-mail at servicedesk@wgu.edu.