WGU Demonstration Teaching FAQ — Host Teachers
Q: When will I get paid?
A: Accounting takes 4-6 weeks after all the observations are complete and turned in, and forms for payment submitted.

Q: Is completing the Host Teacher training mandatory?
A: No. It is optional and an excellent resource. It is there for your support and information.

Q: Who is my contact person at WGU?
A: For observation materials, please contact Mary Bartlett at 801-993-1733 or at mbartlett@wgu.edu
. For stipends, please contact Claudia Parker at 801-290-3632 or at cparker@wgu.edu.

Q: What is WGU's policy regarding student teachers' absences?
A: Here is the policy:

  1. Teacher candidates are allowed three excused absences while in Demonstration Teaching.
  2. In the case of a sudden onset of illness or personal emergency, the host teacher, clinical supervisor, and school administrator must be notified immediately.
  3. Any illness of three consecutive days must be documented by a written excuse from a doctor.
  4. After missing three days (consecutive or non-consecutive) for any reason, the teacher candidate will automatically be placed on probation.
  5. If an absence occurs, the teacher candidate must complete an absentee form.
  6. Teacher candidates are expected to follow the same regulations regarding attendance and punctuality as those that apply to
  7. For further information on student teachers' absences, please refer to the WGU Demonstration Teaching Handbook on Pages 95-96.

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